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Saturday 24 April 2010

Pat Condell says it all.

He's right. You need to vote for a candidate who will further your interests rather than a large party wanting power for power's sake.

A day at the Races.

No foxes were killed in writing of this article.

A simple pleasure in my household is the spring pastime of going to a Point-to-Point. This is amateur Horse racing run by the local Hunt.

I've always found these quite quaint, considering the people who frequent these venues.

Started of by me having to dash to the supermarket to get french bread for the Lunch. Came back with French Bread, beer, copious bottles of wine, and a bottle of whisky. (Needed the whisky for the evening, like now).

As usual we met up in a State enforced antismoking  pub. After we had all obeyed the drinking laws we drove off to the course.

The weather couldn't have been better. Sun was out with not a cloud in the sky. (It must be that damned global warming).

Apart from one race when my jockey parted with his horse at the first jump, the afternoon went well. FE made a slight profit over the course of the day.

A simple tale of country folk.