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Tuesday 4 October 2011

Is there light……………………………?


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No. Keep calm and carry on.

*Shamelessly nicked from Liam*

Nuclear option.

I’ve just been sent a document from a  reader of this blog. The document is worrying, in that it’s conclusions are that we need to build new nuclear plants. And quick if we’re not going to build more coal and gas powered generating plants. Here’s just a small segment of the article.

This is from the paragraph headed “Reducing emissions”.

It needs to be appreciated that the fossil fuel removed has to be replaced by electricity because this is what nuclear, wind, wave, solar deliver. On these figures, by 2027 we would need to build 140 + 288 = 428 TWh of new electricity output; by 2050, 428 + 653 = 1081TWh. These figures should be compared with the total UK electricity production in 2008 of around 360 TWhr.

The number of installations required to generate the electricity to replace fossil fuels (see Table 2) depend on their capacity and availability. A 1,600 MW Areva-type nuclear reactor working at 80% availability generates 11 TWh/y, so around 13 would need to be built to meet the 2020 target; an impossible task. A 3 MW wind turbine with 75m blades on an 80m mast onshore has achieved average availability of around 24%,while for offshore 30% future availability is claimed yielding 6.3 GWhy and 7.9 GWh/y respectively. To meet the 2020 target would require 20,000 and 16,000 turbines respectively; an equally impossible task over the next nine years (six to be built every day). The 2027 target is even further out of reach.

I think I can safely say. We’re screwed. I’m off to buy some more candles.

There’s a little bit more over at Bishop Hill

Bollocks last year, bollocks now.

The redness is me

The Conservative Manifesto 2010

A country is at its best when the bonds between people are strong and when the sense of national purpose is clear. Today the challenges facing Britain are immense. Our economy is overwhelmed by debt, our social fabric is frayed and our political system has betrayed the people. But these problems can be overcome if we pull together and work together. If we remember that we are all in this together.

“our political system has betrayed the people” We the people are being ignored by you very same politicians. When will you realise that you are the servants of the people. Paid for by us. And as for that “Our economy is overwhelmed by debt”. You’re still racking it up at an alarming rate.

Some politicians say: ‘give us your vote and we will sort out all your problems’. We say: real change comes not from government alone. Real change comes when the people are inspired and mobilised, when millions of us are fired up to play a part in the nation’s future.

Real change will come when we the people, use our right to throw you, the elite, out on to the scrap heap and allow honest people to serve us.

Yes this is ambitious. Yes it is optimistic. But in the end all the Acts of Parliament, all the new measures, all the new policy initiatives, are just politicians’ words without you and your involvement.

yeh. All those acts of parliaments that originate in Brussels and are rubber stamped by an increasingly week and flaccid government. Words never accomplish anything, it’s the deeds that follow that count.

How will we deal with the debt crisis unless we understand that we are all in this together? How will we raise responsible children unless every adult plays their part? How will we revitalise communities unless people stop asking ‘who will fix this?’ and start asking ‘what can I do?’ Britain will change for the better when we all elect to take part, to take responsibility – if we all come together. Collective strength will overpower our problems.

We the people, did not instigate the debt crisis as it stands. It was politicians spending OUR money without any checks and balances, that has caused the crisis. Don’t try and offload your incompetence on me. 

Only together can we can get rid of this government and, eventually, its debt. Only together can we get the economy moving. Only together can we protect the NHS. Improve our schools. Mend our broken society. Together we can even make politics and politicians work better. And if we can do that, we can do anything. Yes, together we can do anything.

As I said before.We pay you do do the job. Don’t try and foist the blame on me. Do what you’re paid to do.

So my invitation today is this: join us, to form a new kind of government for Britain.

David Cameron signature

Sorry Fuckwit. I voted for someone else when I read that.

Ranting over