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Tuesday 5 February 2013

Help needed from smokers.

Copied from the “Taking Liberties site”

The Department of Health is currently reviewing over 700,000 responses to the consultation on standardised packaging. Half a million names (235,000 of them submitted by Forest) are estimated to be opposed to plain packs.

Despite our best efforts many MPs appear oblivious to the size or nature of that extraordinary response. Hence we need YOUR help to tell YOUR member of parliament why they should oppose plain packaging.

To make it easy we have created a special standalone website, Say No To Plain Packs. All you have to do is:

1. Visit
2. Enter your postcode
3. Click 'Next'
4. Enter your name and address
5. Click 'Submit'

To make the letter as personal as possible we recommend that you add a comment in the relevant box (but it's not essential).

Please do it NOW! It should take no more than a minute of your time.

See also today's Forest e-bulletin, Say No To Plain Packs!.

To register for Forest alerts join our mailing list here.

Web buttons (such as the one above) are available for websites and blogs. If you want one email

Anti-smokers need not apply.


The winner!


H/T to Theo



There’s a date for that.

Did you know that today is……..

Safer Internet Day. Did you know that? No, me neither.

Of course it’s in order that we have to “think of the children” as usual. and it’s funded by the EU of course so that makes it really really important.

How did I find out about it? From my energy provider!

*Mind boggles*

Quite. Better bugger off from my blog then, you may find naughty words are used.