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Thursday 29 October 2009

This is Islam?

If they truly believe this, then I can see why the Authorities are so worried about Paedophilia.

Quite disturbing, but it's what you can expect from extremist religious fuckwits. kiddy fiddling disguised within a religion.

And no, this is not a hate crime, this is to be found in that fairy tale book called the Koran.

So just Fuck off.

AA Gill to shoot Gordon?

A very good article written by Matthew Norman in the Independant today.

If somebody were to hand the noted primate hunter AA Gill a high-velocity rifle, and say to him "Adrian, you see that slightly simian figure over there, yes, the Prime Minister...", would anyone be horrified when the shot rang out and the creature slumped to the ground?
It's a good read