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Monday 17 November 2014

Gullible non smokers.

It would seem that the younger generation (or at least some of them) have been brainwashed into thinking that only smokers get lung cancer. A typical example or two:

Tori Tomalia, a mother of three young children from Ann Arbor, Michigan, was diagnosed last year with stage IV lung cancer. She was only 37.

“I actually thought it was impossible for a nonsmoker to get lung cancer at my age,” she told NBC News.


Emily Bennett Taylor, a healthy athlete from Los Angeles, California, was even younger when she got her diagnosis at 28. Her doctors were also surprised and brushed off her chronic cough as asthma.

And of course this is the result:

Lung cancer is the top cancer killer of women, and some medical experts say that they are seeing more patients in their 20s and 30s, many of them nonsmokers. But because lung cancer carries the stigma of smoking, experts say it is often overlooked in non-smoking patients — and doesn’t get the kind of funding or support given to breast cancer and other big killers.

The problem now is that Politicians, Doctors, and the general public have been conditioned into believing that only smokers will die of lung cancer. This is proving disastrous for funding into the causes of lung cancer.

Doctors and and their patients say it’s the stigma associated with smoking that is hurting them most, impeding research and compromising good patient care.

According to the Washington, D.C.-based Lung Cancer Alliance, for every person who dies of breast cancer, $26,000 is spent on research funds, yet less than $1,500 is allocated for those who die of lung cancer.

It just shows how misinformation is killing thousands yearly who could have been saved and had a long and productive life.

You can read it all HERE.