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Thursday 13 January 2011

We’re all doomed I say.

And I’m not talking about Global warming here.

Wait a Mo while I put my tinfoil hat on.


Ok now that’s done, I shall begin.

You remember all those stories in the press in the last week of birds falling out of the sky? Well here’s the reason apparently.

Because the Earth's magnetic poles are shifting!

Last week, a report from the Russia's Ministry for Extraordinary Situations (MCHS) ( warned that the weakening Earth magnetosphere was allowing "poisonous space clouds" to enter deep into Earth's atmosphere where it is coming into contact with birds.

And further on in the article this came from:

The most likely explanation is that the birds were killed in-flight by changes in the composition of the air they were breathing. And as it turns out, Noctilucent clouds are largely made of a poisonous gas known as Hydrogen Cyanide. For all you chemists reading this, as the website explains:

Hydrogen Cyanide is also formed in interstellar clouds through one of two major pathways: via a neutral-neutral reaction (CH2 + N -> HCN + H) and via dissociative recombination (HCNH+ + e- -> HCN + H). The dissociative recombination pathway is dominant by 30%; however, the HCNH+ must be in its linear form. Dissociative recombination with its structural isomer, H2NC+ produces hydrogen isocyanide (HNC), exclusively. (

And of course if you believe that…………………….

*FE quietly takes of his tinfoil hat and steals away down to the cellar. Hoping no one will see him go*

And you wonder why the crime rate is high?

filler cap

A police force had to spend thousands of pounds fixing vehicles after officers put petrol in diesel cars — despite “talking” fuel caps warning them not to.

Officers from Essex Police used the wrong fuel 332 times in the past seven years at a cost of £62,000.

Figures disclosed by a Freedom of Information Request show that police chiefs were first alerted to the problem in 2008. They decided to take action by installing yellow fuel caps and a warning system on each car at a total cost of £4,000.

But despite the precaution, diesel police cars were wrongly filled with petrol 110 times in the following two years.

Filler caps at £4,000 a car! Why couldn’t they’ve  just written above the filler in felt tip?