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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Who in their right mind would vote for more of this?

Vote Labour and you'll be sorry. Very sorry.


H/T to Tory Bear

Well done that man.

A "maverick" Labour candidate who branded Gordon Brown the "worst Prime Minister" has been unrepentant despite being disowned by his party.

North West Norfolk candidate Manish Sood hit out at Mr Brown less than 48 hours before the polls open.

Amazing. A politician that isn't going to be browbeaten. Whatever next?  Honesty in Westminster?

Nah. It'll never happen.

Peter & Gordon

If you're not easily scared, visit the Penguin.


Even Gordon's own side think he's crap.



A Labour parliamentary candidate today dubbed Gordon Brown the worst Prime Minister Britain has had.

According to the Lynn News newspaper, North West Norfolk candidate Manish Sood said: "Immigration has gone up which is creating friction within communities. The country is getting bigger and messier.

Where have you been for the last thirteen years mate?

Coming so close to the election, Mr Sood's comments will come as a major blow to Mr Brown's bid to win a fourth term for Labour.

Oh I do hope so.

I wonder if the BEEB will pick up on this? I'm not holding my breath.



'The first punch came, landing on my nose, sending blood down my face'

'Independent' reporter Jerome Taylor relives his bloody experience on the trail of voting fraud in east London.


When I look back on it now what surprises me is how disarmingly polite my attackers were.

"What are you doing?" asked one of the two, seemingly inquisitive, Asian teenagers who approached me on a quiet cul-de-sac in Bow, east London, shortly after 1pm yesterday.

"There's been a photographer around here, do you know her?" he added.


It would seem that postal voting fraud is worse than 2005.