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Wednesday 17 August 2011

It’s going to get Ugly.

Sometimes,  stories just write themselves.  This is one of those times.

Priscilla Agosto has made some rather serious allegations regarding sexual harassment regarding  her former employer.  However, the employer, People’s Choice Reality, has mounted, shall we say, a rather politically  incorrect  defense…

A 23-year-old lesbian says the Brooklyn real estate office she once worked in is a den of deviants where raunchy sexcapades were the norm.

But the bosses she’s suing say she’s too ugly to harass.

Priscilla Agosto ran a gauntlet of sexual humilition – verbal and physical – in her 14 miserable months at People’s Choice Realty, her suit against its three bosses says.

No less than seven male employees made lewd advances at her – even after she complained to the bosses, she said in papers filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Her male co-workers exposed themselves, rubbed up against her and even asked for oral sex, she alleges.

And they even offered $500 to watch her have sex with her girlfriend, she said.

“I hope and pray that by sharing my story, anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation will have the courage to speak up,” said Agosto.

Odelia Berlianshik, the owner of the Williamsburg firm, denied the charges – and launched a shocking attack on Agosto’s appearance.

“Who would touch her? She’s an ugly girl anyway,” she said of the former secretary. “She made up a story because she didn’t want to work.”

Agosto’s lawyer Brendan Chao said another former employee corroborated much of his client’s account.

So, this leads to a rather interesting confrontation-the accuser, who is female, vs. the business owner, who is also female.  Whose side might the feminazis take?  If they side against the accuser, they give up on victim status against the evil humans with a penis patriarchy.  However, if they go after the business owner, aren’t they attacking a fellow woman who has climbed the ladder, breached the glass ceiling, and fought off the evil humans with a penis patriarchy?

Who knows?  But it would be fun to watch.