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Thursday 8 September 2011

Are you sure you’re having a good life?

I was just reading a blog post Here which reminded me of the days of my youth as well.

Long, long ago back in the days of my youth people were very very careful with their money and what they would spend it on. There was little or no credit as such, occasional store "tick" but that was often measured in weeks not years like today's credit cards, there were also savings schemes like the Co-op "Divi"
Thing was people were very careful with their money as they knew that if it ran out, well you went hungry till you got paid, gardens were for vegetables mostly and anyone who had a allotment was envied.
Seems people though are heading back to those days...

I’m still careful with my money. I have credit cards but only use them in an emergency. A case in point was when I was inadvertently stranded on a Caribbean island and needed to book an onward flight to join my ship. I always used to carry an empty credit card just for those types of emergency.

I was born not long after WW11 and was brought up in an austerity era where most things were in short supply. Butter was still rationed, to give one example.

How society has changed.

Doors used to be left open. Now I have multiple door and window locks, and a burglar alarm.

The local Policeman called you “Sir”. Now you are very lucky to see one.

Politicians were good for their word. The current crop should be strung up from lampposts. (If you need piano wire in the future, give me a call).

Children respected their elders. Now us elders just get shunted off the pavements by feral gangs of school kids.

Schools had strict rules and dress codes. God forbid that you disobeyed the rules. The teachers had the power of gods.

Single mothers were not a thing that was encouraged. marriage was the only true state to bring a family up in. marriage was for life.

Homosexuality was taboo. The word “Gay” meant you were in a happy state enjoying yourself.

Very few people had a fridge, let alone a freezer. The larder was king.

For those who could afford a black and white TV, there was only one channel, broadcasting for only a few hours a day. (Anyone else remember “Muffin the Mule”).

Cars were the spawn of the devil when it came to handling and power. My Austin Cambridge required that you turned the steering wheel at least half a mile before a bend just to get around it.

Holidays were spent on wind swept beaches in the UK. Package Holidays had yet to be invented.

There was no E-mail. But we learnt to write letters in flowing script. A skill that has been lost.

Of course the younger reader will scoff at this post as being the moaning of an Oldie who has had a miserable past.

You’d be wrong.

I had a wonderful childhood. Everyone  helped who they could.  Life was simple but fun.

We learnt to live with what life had dealt us. Are you so sure you have a better life now?

I think not.

Coming to your home soon

Just a warning

I hope you’ve signed up for those obligatory solar panels.



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