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Thursday 28 March 2013

I’m busy.


My Eldest daughter and her husband had a baby boy in April last year, (That’s another story to be told) and they were married in June. Of course this precluded them having a honeymoon.

So today they set off to fly to the Big Apple for a five day visit to include fine dining and copious amounts of shopping. My son in law even managed to persuade the airline to upgrade them to business class.

So here are Mrs FE and myself living in their house for the next few days. I find it quite strange.

One slight problem is that the grand child has tonsillitis and is on antibiotics. Now as far as I’m led to believe the Tonsils are in the throat. In that case why is it that he projectiled shite all over me whilst I was changing his nappy?

Just when I’d got used to a life where the children had flown the coop. The terror is programmed to repeat it self.