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Friday 30 April 2010

Gordon needs to put down that shovel.

He can't seem to stop digging the hole he's in, deeper.

Gordon Brown has insisted he branded a pensioner a "bigot" because he thought she had called for all foreign students to be kicked out of Britain.

It seems he's now resorting to the "Lets smeer the other side", tactics.

Remember the bullygate affair?

The "Downfall" of Kerry McCarthy.




Shamelessly knicked from The Lone Voice

Damn. Missed.

Voting fraud rears it's ugly head again.

I'm sure we all remember the scandals concerning postal votes at the last general election. Well it looks like it hasn't gone away.

POLICE are examining a series of claims of serious electoral fraud across London.

That's good then.

Well no.

Scotland Yard confirmed it is examining a number of complaints from residents and political groups in the borough. On a wider scale, police are looking at claims of electoral fraud in 12 boroughs but have yet to launch any criminal inquiries.

I suspect they'll get round to it in time for the 2015 election.

Read More about postal vote fraud here.