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Thursday 25 November 2010

Things you didn’t know about smoking. Part 4


 Smoking might give you a heart attack but smokers have better chances of surviving a heart attack than non-smokers, according to a puzzling phenomenon dubbed "smokers paradox".  The apparently "protective" effect of smoking in heart attack patients was highlighted in a study confirming smoker's paradox among older patients, released at an international cardiology conference.  In a statistical analysis, smokers had a massive 75 per cent better chance of surviving heart attack than non-smokers, the study showed.

These findings may give heart attacks to anti-tobacco operatives.  Although the researchers certainly peppered their report with anti-smoking provisos they deserve credit for examining a phenomenon that goes against the politically correct vein. 

Several reasons for smokers having a better survival rate after heart attacks are advanced.  Each of them implicitly contradicts the false notion that there are no benefits derived from smoking tobacco.  Smokers, according to the director of a heart research institute, are less prone to pulmonary congestion, or fluid on the lungs, and often had lower blood pressure than non-smokers.  They also have higher levels of carbon monoxide in the blood which helps them retain oxygen. 

Despite the negative comments about smoking, a ritualistic defense all researchers must mumble whenever they find something positive to report about smokers, this study provides more evidence that tobacco is not the demon plant that the zealots would have the public believe.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. ASH