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Saturday 24 January 2015

The Green Left

Just picked up the following from the Spectator. It beggars belief. All those who are thinking of voting Green in the next election should view the points below with horror. (MY BOLD)

Here are some excerpts from the Daily Telegraph article 
  • Top-ups [will be] given for people with children or disabilities, or to pay rent and mortgages. No-one will see a reduction in benefits, and most will see a substantial increase. Parents will be entitled to two years’ paid leave from work. (And who is supposed to pay for that?).
  • The policy will enable people to “choose their own types and patterns of work”, and will allow people to take up “personally satisfying and socially useful work”. It will cost somewhere between £240-280 billion a year – more than double the current health budget, and ten times the defence budget. (So you can just turn up at work when you want and do what you want? That'll work.)
  • Under Green plans, inheritance tax – “to prevent the accumulation of wealth and power by a privileged class” – will no longer just tax the dead. (So they'll just forcibly take it off you whilst you're still alive and trying to make ends meet?)
  • Under radical reforms, it will cover gifts made while the giver is still alive – raising the prospect of levies on cars, jewellery or furniture given by parents to their children. (No birthday presents, Kiddies).
  • New resource taxes would apply to wood, metal and minerals, and steeper levies imposed on cars. (That's industry down the shitter then).
  • Crucially, import taxes will be levied on goods brought to Britain reflecting the “ecological impact” of making them – with tariffs reintroduced for trade between Britain and the rest of Europe, ending the free trade bloc. (Expect import taxes into the EU then).
  • All elements of the sex industry will be decriminalised, and prostitutes could no longer be discriminated against in child custody cases. (I actually agree. It is after all, the oldest profession).
  • The Greens also want to see “significantly reduced” levels of imprisonment, with jail only used when there is a “substantial risk of a further grave crime” or in cases where offences are so horrific that offenders would be at risk of vigilantes. Prisoners will be given the vote. (I'm of the opinion that prison sentences are so ludicrously low that they are no longer any deterrent to re-offending).
  • SATS, early years tests and league tables will be abolished, and “creative” subjects given equal parity to the “academic”. (Would that be polar bear counting or somesuch. What about concentrating on the three R's so the little dears can make their way in the world).
  • Independent schools will lose their charitable status and pay corporation tax, while church schools will be stripped of taxpayer funding. Religious instruction will be banned in school hours. (Just sheer bile that someone somewhere may be able to benefit from their parents wanting the best for their kids).
  • Tuition fees will be abolished – but state research funding for universities will increase to reduce a reliance on “biased” commercial research. (Where do you think all the technological advances have come from? Oh I forgot. Greens want us to eat lentils and live in Yurts. Silly me).
  • The “overall volume” of advertising on TV and newspapers will be controlled and cut, as part of a war on the “materialist and consumption driven culture which is not sustainable”. (Oh good. I'm fed up with all those green so called charities on the telly' trying to relieve me of £3 to save the polar bears/ rain forests/ penguins/ (insert animal of choice)).
  • The England football, rugby and cricket teams would no longer play against countries where “normal, friendly, respectful or diplomatic relations are not possible.” Football clubs would be owned by co-operatives and not traded on the stock markets. (That's football on it's death bed then).
  • No more new airports or runways will be built, and existing ones nationalised. All new homes and businesses must by law provide bicycle parking. Helicopter travel would be regulated “more strictly”. The sale of alcohol on planes and airports will be tightly restricted to prevent air-rage, and the air on inbound flights tested for disease. (Where do I go with this one? So the public are going to have to fork out to buy the airports, whilst being told that their investment will go down in value as european airports takeover the flight business. And of course the air ambulances will have to fill in a two hundred page questionnaire before attending the scene of an accident. No alcohol. low cost airlines will be forced out of business as they rely on their onboard sales. FFS who is going to test the air on these aircraft and what are they going to use to do it?).
  • Advertising of holiday flights will be controlled by law to halt the “promotion of a high-carbon lifestyle”. New taxes would be imposed on carriers to reduce passenger numbers. (The taxes are already in place you fuckwits. Have you not heard of air passenger duty?).
  • Assisted dying will be legalised, and the law on abortion liberalised to allow nurses to carry it out. “Alternative” medicine will be promoted. Private healthcare will be more heavily taxed, with special levies on private hospitals that employ staff who were trained on the NHS. (Alternative medicine in the whole has been thoroughly discredited in the main, throwing money at it won't make it work. You silly people. Private healthcare actually relieves the burden on the state).
  • It will be a criminal offence, with “significant fines”, to stop a woman from breastfeeding in a restaurant or shop, and formula milk will be more tightly regulated. (Page three is OK now then?).
  • In order to prevent “overpopulation” burdening the earth, the state will provide free condoms and fund research for new contraceptives. (Agreed. However getting people to use them is another matter).
  • Merely being a member of al-Qaeda, the IRA and other currently proscribed terrorist groups will no longer be a criminal offence under Green plans, and instead a Green Government should seek to “address desperate motivations that lie behind many atrocities labelled ‘terrorist’,” the policy book states. (You can't educate pork).
  • Terrorism, it adds, “is an extremely loaded term. Sometimes governments justify their own terrorist acts by labelling any groups that resist their monopoly of violence ‘terrorist’.” (I would suggest that the anti-fracking groups should be labelled as eco-terrorists).
  • Britain will leave NATO, end the special relationship with the US, and unilaterally abandon nuclear weapons. A standing army, navy and airforce is “unnecessary”. Bases will be turned into nature reserves and the arms industry “converted” to producing windturbines. (This must be a joke. This is inviting anyone to invade at their whim. maybe we'll be building a wall of wind turbines round our coast to keep out invaders).
  • “Richer regions do not have the right to use migration controls to protect their privileges from others in the long term,” the party’s policy book states. (Why not?).
  • A Green Government will “progressively reduce” border controls, including an amnesty for illegal immigrants after five years. (*Head in hands*). 
  • Access to benefits, the right to vote and tax obligations will apply to everyone living on British soil, regardless of passport. The policy book states: “We will work to create a world of global inter-responsibility in which the concept of a ‘British national’ is irrelevant and outdated.” (The true communist greens are showing their real colour).
  • Political parties will be funded by the state, and the electoral system changed. The monarchy will be abolished. (Changed to a one party green state I wonder).

It really makes you wonder if any of those who are climbing on the green ticket in this year's general election really understand that they are joining a neo faschist party of the extreme left.

And no. The right are not the neo-faschist/nazi party, the vid below explains.