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Saturday 23 October 2010

Green and LGBT.

Another self serving bunch of twats trying to justify their existence.

In a statement on the Comprehensive Spending Review announcement today, Phelim Mac Cafferty, the chair of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans (LGBT) Greens stated:

"The proposed cuts in today's Comprehensive Spending Review are gravely worrying for the LGBT community.

WTF and why?

"The axing of nearly half a million jobs in the public sector will hit LGBT people disproportionately. It will mean the erosion of dedicated service provision to among many others groups, LGBT people. Public services, meanwhile, will be placed in the hands of private profiteers.


An eye-watering £18 billion cut in welfare spending between now and 2015[1] will hurt those who have lost their jobs through the recession and those unwell on benefits. Along with the dramatic hike in National Insurance, the poorest are unfairly facing the blame. For those on housing benefit, especially given the imposed caps on housing benefit, we can sadly only expect a rise in homelessness, despite the fact that we know already that there are a disproportionate quantity of LGBT homeless.

The point of this missive is that I get pissed off by special interest groups sounding out about how badly treated they are. Grow a pair of balls* and realise that life isn’t fair.

* Not sure whether that is apt for the transgender or Lesbians.

Then again why should I care?