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Saturday 28 May 2011

A greedy greenie

You have to admire this man for finding  a way to tap into man’s fears off the unknown.

Dale Vince, the founder and sole shareholder of Britain's largest green energy company, is a one-time hippie dropout whose business nous has impressed the Prime Minister. (That I can believe. Cameron is easily conned by anything that will give him good publicity).

However, he doesn’t seem to think that other peoples ideas should be different from his slavish beliefs. Which to me makes him an enemy of the ordinary people.

But Vince's aim to improve the world by putting up wind turbines has produced opposition from vocal, ad hoc groups of residents who come together, as often as not, to protest against his plans. Most of their objections are invalid, Vince says. 'Putting up a turbine doesn't affect house prices or kill birds. The only valid point is that you can see a turbine. But what is overlooked is that it can be screened.

And there he is wrong in his impertinence and failure to research the facts, so convinced of his own Righteousness.

There are numerous cases by the week of houses being blighted  with reduced price when the householder has to accept a lower price for their property.

Yes they do kill birds. There are well documented pictures of birds being killed.

“Screen a wind turbine”. With what can you screen a 150 feet bird mincer?

And of course it is you and me that are paying for his company to survive.

Remember this.

The 280ft turbine situated in a business park near the M4 in Reading operated at just 15 per cent of its capacity year, meaning it generated £100,000 of energy, despite attracting subsidies of £130,000 from the Government.

Since 2005, when it began producing energy, the turbine has been subsidised with £600,000 of public money but has run at an average of 17 per cent of its capacity.

One man’s green is another man’s greed.

Dale. A question for you. Is it morally wrong to impoverish the low paid and the elderly by the extra taxation caused by feed in tariffs? If so why not?


I had a phone call from a foreign sounding gentleman purporting to be working on behalf of Microsoft. Well I listened to what he had to say and must admit that it sounded plausible until he had me look in Windows event viewer. Now I’ve used the event viewer many times, so when he tried to tell me that those events were going to kill my computer. I began to suspect that he was trying to con me into something that would cost me money.

The long and short of it was, that I let him waffle on for a while, whilst pretending to be very worried, and carried out his every order, typing in various commands into my “Run” bar. Finally we got to  . Thats when I hung up the phone.

This is a company that will offer to manage your computer for a small sum of, wait for it, £699 per annum. Maybe if I was a computer Luddite and I had a medium size company I might be interested. However, believe it or not I can access my computer for the vast sum of the square root of fuck all. It’s called remote access, and comes built in to modern windows systems.

So if you get called from a company called LogMeIn warning of dire predictions then just tell them to take a running jump.



Well that’s got that off my chest.