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Thursday 26 July 2012

Mad as a box of frogs

Green is most definitely the new religion if this shower of loons is anything to go by.

The Fast for the Earth is both a nonviolent protest against wanton disregard for the natural world and a spiritual affirmation that all of us are part of that world, responsible for its careful tending. It has been organized by people of good will who live in South Dakota, USA.

And of course their Messiah entreats them with the following.

"Scientists tell us that from this point on, each degree increase in global average temperature should cut grain yields 10%. Food is not only necessary, it's one of the planet's great blessings, to be shared in communion with each other. But on this occasion it's good, for a day or two, to taste a little of the hunger so many will have to endure if we don't make change fast." -- Bill McKibben,, 2012.

And your mission is, if you are willing to accept it.

Our goal is to have at least one person or group somewhere in the world fasting for the Earth every single day, until the Earth is once again treated with respect.

On that note. I’m off for a burger cooked over an extremely polluting barbecue. I will think of you.


Oh dear