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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Shot themselves in the foot.

From where I’ve been sitting in the last few days it would appear that the Westminster bubble of politicians can’t handle a potential new party. By that I’m referring to UKIP.

All three old parties and their greatest supporter, the BBC, have been using the old tactics beloved by themselves, of trying to use smear tactics on UKIP as these parties do amongst themselves.

What they haven’t seemed to realise is that the voters are now actually seeing for themselves, how bad for us, the EU is. Whether it is uncontrolled immigration, over regulation, or ridiculous human rights cases, the average man in the street is just starting to ask why are we in the EU?

The average voters are now voting with their feet, and in fact the mudslinging against UKIP is actually (If you can believe the polls) driving more to vote for UKIP. The man in the street now sees UKIP as an underdog that is being savaged by large attack dogs from the mainstream parties (and the BBC). The gentle folk of the UK hate bullying like this and are now leaving the mainstream parties in droves.

The LibLabCon professionals in Government can’t seem to get round the fact that the voters are tired of their tactics.

European Voting Intention (all certain to vote):

UKIP: 38% (+8)

Labour: 27% (-3)

Conservatives: 18% (-4)

Liberal Democrats: 8% (NC)

(Change since 2-3 April  2014 in brackets.)

It would be nice to see the people of the UK voting in the general election in 2015 with their convictions in the same way. Instead of the tribal politics we have today.