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Thursday 24 June 2010


cat posting

I'm now expected to feed the second daughter's cats over the weekend. Bloody scrounging animals. But we love the little devils. I'm not sure why?

Another Quango that should go

the National Centre for Social Research.

From their website:


Let's take the various sections and break it down.

Education. I thought that would be handled by the department of education.

Crime and Criminal Justice. What's the Home office doing then?

Employment, skills and training. I'm pretty sure we have a ministry for that.

Income and benefits. Yep. A ministry as well.

Family Life, relationships and children. Keep your noses out of our lives. What I do in my house has fuck all to do with your snooping.

Health and Nutrition. I'm sure we had a health service for that. I'm pretty sure I pay a lot of tax for that department.

Transport and the Environment. I most certainly pay through the nose via VED and taxes on flying.

Social Inclusion. A fuzzy left wing phrase that says I have to pay more tax to house Shaz and her 8 kids in the style they think they are entitled. (46 inch plazma in every room).

Social and political attitudes. None of your business.

This is an outfit that is a registered charity. But look where the income comes from.


What I'm trying to get across is, if all those Ministries, with all their vast staff, can't do their own research, then they deserve a culling. FFS £41 million.

ASH at it again.



As they say. Tell a lie enough times, and people will believe it's the truth.

I was just trawling through their site and found this recent press release:

A study measuring the impact of England’s smokefree law on hospital admissions for heart attacks has shown that the legislation resulted in 1200 fewer emergency admissions to hospital in the 12 months following the implementation of the 2007 law. [1] This is the latest of a number of studies measuring the short-term health benefits of smokefree laws [2] and the first to evaluate the impact on heart attacks in England.

This has been trotted out on various occasions since the smoking ban came into force.

The fact is that there has been no significant change since the ban in 2007. The downward trend was already well established. Most likely for a multitude of reasons.

The simplest way of showing this is by the use of the actual data in the study:

Emergency AMI admissions in English hospitals

2002/03: 61,498

2003/04: 60,680 (a fall of 1.33%)

2004/05: 58,803 (a fall of 3.1%)

2005/06: 55,752 (a fall of 5.19%)

2006/07: 53,964 (a fall of 3.21%)

2007/08: 51,664 (a fall of 4.26%)

To me the figures speak for themselves. I think ASH should stick their figures up their pipe (I.e. the fundamental orifice in their backside) and smoke them.