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Tuesday 4 June 2013

I hate going on holiday.

I like the “being on holiday” part but loathe the “going bit”.

This time there is quite a party of us heading off to southern Portugal, where we’ve rented a villa for a couple of weeks.

Very nice you may say.

However as everyone else works (or say they do), FE was tasked with the organisation of the trip.


Luckily I only had to book 6 places, but of course had to make sure everyone else was catching the same flight on the same day. On line booking is simple at first, but the money is up front and means that you have to claw it back from those who you are booking for.

Closer to the departure date it is time to check in on line. Here of course you have to be very careful. One small mistake and it’ll cost you to rectify it when you arrive at the airport. Yesterday I painstakingly filled the passport details of five of the six into the online form when to my dismay I found out that one of the party had failed to supply me with one crucial piece of information. Grrrr. Cancel whole effort.(Bloody kids).

Finally achieved it today

Getting to and from UK airport:

No chance with the cars that my little party possess to use our mode of transport. Five people, five suitcases, one small child , and a push chair needs some thinking about. Plus running up the equivalent to the National debt in airport parking charges is not an option.

I have however found a limousine company that will transport all of us and our luggage at a reasonable rate.

Boarding cards:

These can be printed out from the computer. However why does the airline, space all the boarding passes for the party with a blank page? (And why does the printer ink run out half way through?)

How to get from destination airport to the Villa.

Here is where I am tasked with organising for the whole group. Car hire for the period has always been the preferred option. It gives you the flexibility you need on holiday.

This is another case of balancing the needs of people and luggage. (A mistake a few years ago cost me 140 euros to rectify).

For our party, we require four medium size  cats. Simple you may say. However online you have to order all of them separately. You can’t write “I want four cars, how much?” And of course they want the money up front. And of course they want full driver details up front. We’re now back in airline check in territory. Grrrr (Again)

Anyway that’s enough moaning for tonight. I’m going to have a stiff drink and a lie down .