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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Christmas present.

The way the snow is falling now, I’ll buy Mrs FE a bigger shovel.

I’m not happy

I decided to test my happiness on The Happy Planet site. I expect a knock on the door any minute now from Cameron’s happy police. Below are a few of the results.

Sustainability Score

Your personal Happy Planet Index(HPI) is 0.

This is well below the UK average of 40.3 and is not far off the estimated HPI for Zimbabwe of 16.6. Sorry. There are however lots of ways that you can improve your score which will be contained in the rest of this feedback.

The tips and advice below may be useful for you. The websites referred to are all based in the UK, but should be relevant for anyone living in a wealthy country.

You: 0

Average: 54.1

Life Expectancy

You: 44.2

Average: 86.1

Better still

Ecological Footprint

Your ecological footprint is 4.98 global hectares, or 2.77 planets.

Do go and give the survey a try.

*I might have been slightly economical with the truth when answering the questions.*

How long is a Flurry?

The BBC weather reported that deepest Kent would have a flurry of snow today. How can seven hours of continuous snow be a flurry?

30 cms of the stuff and it is still flurrying.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flurry may refer to: A snow flurry; that is, a brief snow shower