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Saturday 7 February 2009


Most of the websites I visited stated that I was well and truly fucked, and that I should buy a new Motherboard.

Well, Bollocks to you so-called experts.

And Packard bell for their crap Bios update.

Damn Computers

I made the silly mistake of trying to update the Bios. Now, I've done this before and know the risks.

My computer has an update programme installed by the manufacturer, so as it recommended the Bios update to download and flash from their website, mmm I thought, this should be easy.

Bollocks. After flashing the Bios, what did I get? The bloody blue screen of death, Aaaagh. Even in safe mode.

After hours of perusing the web from my laptop, still no glimmer of a solution.

Then I had divine inspiration, or maybe it's because I'm a marine engineer and have to think outside the box, Ie, when the ship is sinking, on fire, drifting onto the rocks with broken engines, etc, etc.

The Bios had decided to swap the order that it looks at the hard drives on boot up, thereby not finding the operating system.

Once problem found, into the Bios setup, and alls well in Nicks house.

Damn Computers

Note: Must backup sometime