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Friday 2 December 2011

You’re being lead down the low carbon path

I’ve just downloaded a copy of the “Delinquent teenager who was mistaken for the world's top climate expert”, by Donna Laframboise.

If you, like me, are a climate change sceptic (and if you do believe in AGW you’ll be shocked, and maybe slightly worried and may question your beliefs), then her book is well worth a read. She doesn’t go into long technical discussions. That isn’t the purpose of the book. Instead she takes the IPCC decision making process apart, and tears it to shreds. This is a book you should send to your Member of Parliament so they might see how the wool has been pulled over their eyes.

Just to wet your appetite, follow the link below for a free sample


The full PDF version can be found HERE.  Priced at $4.99.