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Thursday 5 November 2009

To be, or not to be, an Executor

When you get to my age, more often or not, family get togethers seem to revolve around funerals.

In the last three years I have arranged funerals for my Twin Brother and my Mother. I'm now having to organise the funeral of a favourite uncle. All these are taking their toll on this blogger. More so this one than the others. The son and the daughter in law live some distance away and have asked me to make the arrangements. However the arrangements have to be adjusted to suit both parties, who have differently polarised views as what should be carried out at the service.

One wants me to be a cheap skate and design the order of service myself, the other wants a proffesional printer to be used. The tightrope is narrow, believe me. Still, I'll get there in the end.

The main problem, as highlighted in the headline, is being the Executor of the will. If my uncle had no assets it would be easy. However he was a man of means and had substantial assets. I've just got up off the living room floor, which is the sorting office for the 1000's of documents that I've retrieved from his apartment. Trust funds, share certificates, bank accounts, you name it.

Oh well, I suppose I'll get there in the end, but I could do without this. Exscuse the profanity, but I just want to fucking enjoy retirement in peace.

Moral of this derranged missive: If someone asks you to be their executor.Tell them to fuck off.

PS Thankyou for your kind words Mummy longlegs

A short interlude

Blogging will be light for the moment. I unfortunately have a funeral to arrange.