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Wednesday 21 April 2010

Contingency planning.

I read with interest, stories of people caught out by the ash cloud that  partially enveloped us.

I travelled the world for over forty years and the one thing that was drummed into me was, SHIT HAPPENS.

My three rules of travelling are:

Have $100 of cash in your wallet. Everywhere will accept dollars.

Keep a credit card in your wallet that is empty. Only use it occasionally to keep it extant.

Make sure that you have at least a dual band mobile phone.

All these have got me out of trouble either singularly or all together. Don't rely on other people. Be prepared for the worst.

Girl with gun at her back forced to hand over £40m Graff gems

Jurors today watched CCTV footage as a robber held a gun to the back of a jewellery shop assistant and forced her to empty £40 million of gems out of display cabinets into a black bag.........