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Monday 2 March 2009


Maybe I'm naive. If the FSA has made such a cockup in regulation of the banks, should it not be wound up? Why does it still exist having proven how inept it was? can someone give me a reason why it still exists?

Whisky galore

I see that the Scottish parliament want to raise the price of booze to prevent too much drinking. They might as well piss into the wind as most drink loving Scots that I know, will grin and bear it, and carry on. Why are they going to punish the whole population for the fault of the few?
Once they've as always tested it out on the Scots (remember they had the smoking ban first), then it'll be the turn of the English and the Welsh.

They might do well to remember that there will be an election and would do well to bear that in mind before they get carried away in their own self importance.

As someone else has bagged the franchise rights to start up an alcohol superstore in Berwick-on Tweed, I'm requistioning the right to set up in Gretna.

When are we going to be rid of this sanctimonious drivel? The Brown Broadcasting Company ran it as their top story this evening. We will need a dram or two to get through the next few years.

Sorry about the vid.