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Saturday 14 February 2009

The end

For tonight

I'm going to have several large drinks. Sure to piss of that double-barrelled doc who thinks we are all killing ourselves, and we should be saved. He can piss off as well.

Dolly Draper

He really doesn't get it about Blogs. My understanding of a personal Blog is, if you don't agree with it. don't go there.

I think that him and his Ilk, have just woken up to the threat that the blogosphere has become to them and the Labour party, and they can't handle it. It's beyond their control freakery comprehension and the spin associated with it. They have become conditioned to their own sense of importance.

They don't begin to understand how angered are the majority of the country with this government. All they are concerned with is trying to deflect comment by bringing up minority issues, albeit legitimate, about such issues such as racism. (on this subject I will post at a later date).

What I will take issue with him is the issue of the right to free speech, which judging from his comments on labourlist, are only what he thinks are free. When will he realise that we are a Kingdom of 60,000,000 people with different predujices against each other, but still remain together.

All I can say is: Dolly, Fuck off and get a life. Preferably in another country.