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Wednesday 4 February 2009

Totalitarian fuckwit

I read the article by that twat Dr. Alan Maryon-Davis. Seeing that I am past my prime, would he like to offer me free razor blades so I can slit my veins, and so prevent myself being a burden on the NHS?

Don't bother Alan, after your article, I shall buy my own, and do it shortly if you write any more of that totalitarian crap



I fail to understand the complete lack of risk taking in this country of ours. For two days we had a dusting of snow, ie about 10cms, and on the dire advice from the media we all batterned down the hatches and waited for the end of the world.

In the course of my job, I have been to the top of Norway in mid winter, temperatures of minus 30, and they still manage their daily lives there.

the winter of 1963 was far worse than this week and the average person on the street found ways to cope with their driveway full of snow. They used a shovel.

We are a nation of wimps aren't we?

PS, My wife drove into work both days. No problem, she just drove carefully considering the conditions.