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Thursday 11 February 2010

A propaganda broadcast on behalf of the nanny state

I'm really fed up with the way they are determined to take all pleasure out of living. The latest shite about to be pedaled.


Well another single malt is called for. It might ease the pain of watching that crap.

H/T to Dick Puddlecote

The Met Office. Fail

pine cone


Since we had this latest round of Global warming last month, I've had their website tabbed in my Browser. I also have another site called meteox tabbed. Meteox streams ahead for 3 hours and gives a good picture of the weather patterns coming in.

Last night the Met Office was predicting that there would be a yellow level of snow in Kent by Midday today.

This morning at nine O'clock the warning had changed to orange, predicting significant levels of snow.

At ten O'clock the sun was out. Not a cloud to be seen.

At 12 O'clock, the met Office site had suddenly changed to green.

Now I'd been comparing the Met Office data to Meteox and could see that there was no cloud coming towards Kent all morning.

It would seem that the Met office cannot even predict the forecast 3 hours in advance. Are their pine cones defunct? or do they just look out of the window?

If they can't get it right for 3 hours, how can they predict the next 50 years?

LOTR - The Prequel

Seeing as it only cost £25,000 to make, it's not bad.



She didn't have Peter Jackson's £200million budget, eight years of filming time or the spectacular scenery of New Zealand to work with.

But Kate Madison could match his boundless passion - and with it managed to make her own Lord Of The Rings film.

The amateur actress was so inspired by the blockbuster Rings trilogy created by Jackson she wrote, directed and produced a prequel based on material from the original JRR Tolkien books.