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Tuesday 29 June 2010

About time too.

At last the BBC is being forced into the real world.

The BBC was facing revolt from thousands of staff today after taking an axe to its final-salary pension scheme.

Many staff will be worse off in retirement under the proposals as the corporation looks to counteract a £2 billion deficit in its pension fund.

Especially if it could affect this insufferable Twat.


But then I expect he's safe.

From the comments:

"Preston thinks he is the Queen Mother of broadcasting!"

Police fail



Make sure you get up to date intelligence in future

I must obey the Righteous.

And I will use the advice printed on the packet below.


Says it all.

Picture nicked from....... Wait for it.

Smoking at a crossroads. Deborah Arnott Chief Executive ASH

I'll take her advice. Thanks Debs. You old crone sweety.

Just so you know

This Blog is a smoking zone.


If you're an anti-smoker. Then stop reading now.

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