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Friday 11 July 2014

IDF Avoids Civilians Casualties in Gaza, Hamas Increases Them

We keep hearing from the BBC that the evil Israelis are indiscriminately killing Palestinians en masse.

The video below shows that the Beebs view is sadly biased. As you will see in the video, the Israelis give ample warning that they are going in for the kill.

Where houses have been turned into military targets, the IDF has provided advance warnings to Palestinian residents (so called roof knocking) to leave their houses prior to an attack. This is designed to minimise civilian casualties, rather than maximise them. In any case, targeting civilians would be futile. It would achieve nothing in military terms and hand a massive propaganda victory to Hamas.

Hamas' spokesmen have openly admitted to placing civilians on the rooftops of houses in order to thwart Israeli strikes. Extensive video evidence also shows that rockets have also been fired from heavily built up civilian areas, and command and control centres are located close to residential neighbourhoods. Using civilians as a human shield is a blatant war crime.

It would seem to me that the BBC needs to seriously question Hamas’s claim’s and go about doing some real reporting. Not just rebrand a Hamas press release.

They do not seem to realise that the internet reveals all.