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Monday 23 August 2010

Sounds familiar

Seems that history repeats itself.

When did this happen? And where?

Most of you will Know the answer.

His study consisted of the smoking histories of 80 male lung cancer cases that were compared with those of 86 ill defined control subjects. A markedly higher proportion of the former were found to be heavy smokers. More studies continued, fully funded by the xxxxx. xxxxxx founded xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx(The scientific institute for the struggle against tobacco) with his own money, and continued to fund it until his death. It was this body which produced “scientific” studies linking smoking to cardiac arrest, strokes, and birth defects. Tobacco was officially classified as a racial poison. With this information in hand, the xxxxxx began disseminating anti-smoking propaganda in leaflets, radio ads, newspapers, and brochures. Smoking was banned in all public places and restaurants and bars were forbidden to sell tobacco to women because of the danger of birth defects. Public smoking was banned generally by the use of what at that time was called xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, or today “Secondhand smoke”. Inhaling smoke was said to be 3 times worse than smoking oneself, and it was said to be a xxxxxxxx’s duty for the public health not to smoke. By xxxxx it was illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to smoke and all advertising geared toward children was punished by jail time. In xxxx smoking was forbidden within 50 feet of all health care facilities, and likewise by all xxxxxxx and xx personnel when on duty. xxxxxx xxxxxxwere given candy instead of tobacco products, and used to hand out fliers on the harmful effects of smoking. It was not uncommon for xxs to stick a pamphlet or brochure into the hands of someone actively smoking on the street. Pamphlets not only trumpeted the health defects of tobacco, but also characterized xxxx as smokers, in an attempt to say look, you don’t want to be like them! Furthermore, claims were advanced that the xxxx introduced tobacco to Europe and that its modern use was spread by xxxxxx Capitalism.

No it wasn’t 1950.

The whole article is here. It would seem Ciggy busters are not new to society