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Tuesday 7 June 2011

What do you do, or say?

A hypothetical question.

You are informed by one of your children that they have a cancerous growth. Do you?:

Sink into despair and fear the worst.

Look on the Brightside and ignore the realities.

Endeavour to find out the true statistics.

I theoretically find myself in this dilemma . I’m a lost blogger at this time.

They’ll come for you next.

*Puts on tin Foil Hat*



I see the latest bright idea to protect the Cheeeldren is, censorship by any other name, of the Internet.

Theresa May will outline plans to prevent computers in schools, libraries and colleges from accessing unlawful material on the internet.
She has criticised universities for their "complacency" in tackling Islamic extremism on campus, saying that for too long they have not been sufficiently willing to recognise what was happening

All in the name of protecting us from Terrorism.

But how long will it be before some bright spark in Government decides that us, anti big state, libertarians Bloggers are a threat to them.

Just a quick tweak of an Algorithm and………………………………………………

*Takes off nearly worn out tinfoil hat and replaces it carefully back in the cupboard*