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Monday 4 October 2010

Shame on you 10:10. No pressure indeed!

This parody video sums you up.


H/T to dobobobo

I’ve told you so.


All this green energy is going to cost you even more than you thought..

Households will have to pay an extra £60 in bills to cover the cost of connecting windfarms and other renewable energy sources to the National Grid, the industry regulator warned today.

Energy bills will almost certainly have to increase to make Britain's ageing national electricity and gas networks “fit for purpose” in the era of climate change, according to Ofgem.

I’ve written before about the Operation and maintenance costs before. Here, here, and here

Now of course with those pesky wind farm not delivering a steady output (If any output at all), we will have to build a smart grid to match.

It says about £32 billion needs to be spent on modernising the networks over the next decade, more than twice the amount invested in the past 20 years.

And don’t forget the increased maintenance cost of all these new power lines in out of the way, exposed places.

*No exploding school children were used in the drafting of this post*