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Friday, 24 September 2010

Wind Turbines


Last night I watched BBC South East and saw that Prat Huhne bragging about how marvellous these new offshore wind turbines are. Apart from writing about them here and here and how they are going to cost a lot more than envisaged due to O & M costs, I noticed that out of the few turbines in shot, one wasn't turning.

Mmm. A 1% failure rate  on the first day.

Just saying.


  1. And the company refuse to reveal how long it will take for the farm to reach break even.

    And the company thinks that a 35-40% efficiency rate is GOOD!

    Huhne+lampost+rope surely or at the very least get some sex scandal rolling to remove the cretin from office.

    On the same day I espied almost 100 turbines on six different farms around my location and all the seagoing ones were stood stock still and of the land based ones of which there are 45 only 4 were turning bizarrely on three different farms!

  2. Sorry distracted.
    Dr North is on the case as well

  3. having looked around the stats it would appear that they are unlikely to achieve even that modest figure. 26% is the average max that I have gleaned in my meagre research.

    I prefer piano wire as it can be used over and over again.

  4. On the BBC scottish news yesterday, the headline was Scotland's green energy targets.

    The report was basically lobbying for more cash to line the pockets of green energy companies.

    An absolute disgrace.

  5. One big winter storm, and there'll be no hiding the failures.

  6. One winter anticyclone, and there'll be no hiding the deaths from hypothermia.


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