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Friday, 24 September 2010

Identity theft.


Mrs F.E has been asked if she could occasionally help out with the local beavers. (No sniggering at the back please).  In the past she was an active member of the scouting group for many years.

However due to the law of unintended consequences she is now to undergo a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check. I must admit I do find it quite disturbing that she has to prove her innocence. To me this is contrary to what the law used to be. Innocent until proven guilty. But I’m going off track here and I should get back to the point.

Having had a sneak peak at the form, I could instantly see why there are so many cases of Identity theft.

Below is a summary of the information required on the form.

Full Name

Maiden Name

Full Address

Place of Birth

Date of Birth

National Insurance number

Driving Licence Number

Passport Number

Name of first School.

These items are all data that we are constantly being informed that we should keep safe, and not divulge.

Mind you it did give me a little thought.

Start up a playgroup in Belgravia and advertise it as exclusive and only the offspring of  very rich would be eligible to join. £1 million would be a good starting figure. Of course insist that all the parents fill in the CRB form, and Bobs your Uncle, with all that lovely personal detail, my spending spree could begin.

Just a thought.

Oh and don’t mention the data protection act. We all know how well that works. Don’t we?


  1. Yep, and once you've got your CRB check, Bob is indeed your uncle.

  2. And the required checks into the info you supply aren't even carried out by the Police ..

    Amongst others .. "Crapita" (who were even ditched by loony-left Lambeth Council) are entrusted with all that sensitive information ..

    Makes you think .. eh ??

  3. All im saying is, is that the NHS pay for the CRB test , my wife has worked in 3 hospitals in 1 area (cant say) and been CRB tested 3 times in six months. Money for old rope if you can get it. Isnt it ACPO that gets the money?. From one to the other methinks.!



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