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Thursday 8 March 2012

International women’s day revisited

And if you like fluffy kittens watch to the end.

When’s International men’s day then?

You’re guilty even though you maybe innocent.

Ollie Cromwell, a blogger that has been trying to expose the somewhat dubious machinations of Bexley Council could use a little help. His blog has been a bit sweary at times but he is being attacked by the state apparatus for daring to question the politburo on Bexley council.  In his words:

I started this blog post a few days ago, and subsequently changed my mind about publishing it, for the simple reason that if I continued to write it I’d lose my temper and do something silly. Adorning the top of this post you will see two images. Look VERY closely at them for they are documented proof that freedom of speech and expression in this country is not only dead, it’s decomposing and leaving a stinking, rotting stench behind. A stench which I fear is spreading, rather fucking quickly. Let alone the lack of any sort of legitimate justice.

The original post was only going to be about the proposed restraining order that the CPS were applying for. Alas! Life she isn’t that simple, or nice really, she likes throwing more than one rotting c**t flap at you in one go. I’ll get to that bit in a minute, I just want to comment on the proposed restraining order. It’s not going to be a lengthy analysis, just important points that I want to make.

Now I don’t say here that this is the whole story, but having followed his blog for some time, I feel inclined to believe his side of the story.

If nothing else, just go over and read his story.

For background reading on Bexley councils antics go over to Malcolm’s blog for some measured background information.  



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