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Tuesday 21 January 2014

Who is……..

Meredith Wobig?

A couple of weeks ago I suddenly started receiving chat messages from Meredith. Bearing in mind that I have never ever used Google chat.

Now I’ve never met anyone called Meredith or even Wobig, so why is he so adamant to chat to me? Is it because:

I owe him money?

He’s trying to sell me something?

He owes me money?

He’s fathered one of my children? (If so he can have the brat).

He has a large sum of money that needs me to smuggle out of his country if I pay him a substantial sum in advance to facilitate the transfer? (419 scam)?

He’s gay and is looking for a partner in order to get a foothold into the UK benefit system? *shudders*

Maybe I’m being too harsh. If you really want to speak to me, Meredith, then E mail me.

If there is anyone reading this pathetic attempt of a blog, give me some suggestions.