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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Who is……..

Meredith Wobig?

A couple of weeks ago I suddenly started receiving chat messages from Meredith. Bearing in mind that I have never ever used Google chat.

Now I’ve never met anyone called Meredith or even Wobig, so why is he so adamant to chat to me? Is it because:

I owe him money?

He’s trying to sell me something?

He owes me money?

He’s fathered one of my children? (If so he can have the brat).

He has a large sum of money that needs me to smuggle out of his country if I pay him a substantial sum in advance to facilitate the transfer? (419 scam)?

He’s gay and is looking for a partner in order to get a foothold into the UK benefit system? *shudders*

Maybe I’m being too harsh. If you really want to speak to me, Meredith, then E mail me.

If there is anyone reading this pathetic attempt of a blog, give me some suggestions.






  1. I would assume it is a scam. Block...

  2. "How-To Block Google Chat"

    If the addresses in the third post are the right ones, you should be able to add them as entries to the "Hosts File" (Windows) I'll post some details if that's what you're using.

  3. It can be a girl's name in the US - you might be missing the time of your life

  4. He/she/it is on a phishing expedition.
    Ignore and delete.

  5. You already know it's a scam, so you have two choices. Block it - suggestions above.

    Alternatively if you're bored, have some fun at their expenses. Lead them on mess them around and end with fuck off.

  6. I suggest reading the most excellent book Delete This at Your Peril. :)

  7. He? Sounds like a fat chick to me.

  8. Perhaps she will love you long time. Hey, you mad old sod I want to send you a personal message but can't find an address.
    Write to me at:

  9. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I always say...


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