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Sunday 27 June 2010

Yes. Get on yer bloody bike.



I read and listened to the MSM about the latest wheeze to get people in jobs by actually looking for work where there is actually  work with some interest.

I was brought up with the philosophy that you find the work. The work doesn't find you. I can see how those raised in the North of the country had it easy, in the fact that most of the major manufacturing industries were based there.

In the south it was always different. We didn't have huge manufacturing industries (I'm talking about south of the Watford gap here), recruiting in the thousands, just small companies trying to grow.

To get to the point. My family have always travelled a fair distance to work. No nipping in to the factory five minutes down the road.

My wife commuted into the smoke for many years before we started a family. She usually left the house before 0800 and returned not before 1900.

The Eldest daughter has moved to London in order to better her self. (An uphill struggle given London property prices.

The second daughter has to commute to work via the M25. Not for the faint hearted in the Rush hour

The son has moved to the North east in order to get a job in the degree that he obtained.

Me. I just travelled the world for 43 years.