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Thursday 12 March 2009

Different standards for the ruling elite

Yet again the double standards of our ruling "Elite" come to the fore.

The G20 summit will have an indoor smoking area. WTF, are they not bound by the same law as you and me. If not, why not? I suppose they'll say it is "security" or some other weasle worded bullshit. Well, I value my security in that I don't want to die of pneumonia, in a pub garden at -5 deg C.

World leaders to flout the smoking ban.

I sincerely hope the local authority come down on them and fine the World leaders for smoking illegally. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.



Members of pro-choice group Freedom2choose are understandably furious with this decision, claiming it as double standards.

Andy Davis, chairman of the group states, 'this clearly demonstrates that there are alternative solutions to the current smoking ban that our government is ignoring. Smoking rooms would provide welcome relief for our hospitality industry with the ban being acknowledged as one of the major factors in its current downturn.'

This amendment is also viewed as confirmation by the government that it is inconvenient (unnecessary) for smokers to leave the premises should they wish to smoke, and that it isn't deemed civilised to treat people in this manner.

'Our government are accommodating, rightly so, the political leaders from across the globe, yet they are not prepared to accommodate millions of their own citizens,' continues Andy Davis. 'This concession should now be made available to all private businesses and clubs for them to adopt if they so desire.'

The smoking ban legislation, incorporated into the Health Act 2006, prevents smoking in all substantially enclosed public places and all places of work. The Excel Exhibition Centre falls into this category.

Source: PR-inside, 11 March 2009

So I might be a fraudster

Dizzy has found this by Fraser Nelson.

Bugger. I'm with Natwest.

Powers of arrest

I was just browsing another web site a moment ago, when my eye was drawn to this article in the Guardian. It's about an ex Police Officer who is petitioning No 10 to repeal a particularly odious piece of legislation.

A retired senior police officer has expressed concern about the "sweeping power" that he claims is being abused on a daily basis in all of the 43 police forces.

Read the whole story here.

It would appear that the plods can arrest you at the drop of a hat. Didn't know it had come to that.