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Wednesday 26 March 2014

There’s two sides to a story.


Caterpillars reject 'very hungry' stereotype


CATERPILLARS have called for an end to the assumption that they are incredibly gluttonous.

Just happened to be eating when this picture was taken

Just happened to be eating when this picture was taken

Speaking on the 45th anniversary of a problematic children’s book, caterpillars said they were tired of being defined by their appetite.

Monarch caterpillar Tom Logan said: “I’m not saying I’m a small eater, but I only consume the calories required to keep me going through the pupal stage.

“No more, no less.

“And I don’t eat ice cream or cakes, I’m fairly sure that would be fatal.”

Logan described the notion of caterpillar gluttony as “lazy at best, at worst a form of racism”.

He said: “I can hear what kids say when they point me out to their parents, and yes it hurts.

“There should be more complex and multilayered caterpillar characters in literature.

“What about a caterpillar who’s a spy with a tortured past, or a caterpillar who falls in love outside her genus with tragic results?”

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