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Monday 14 December 2015

A letter

Sometimes you need to contact your MP in order to set him on the path to redemption. In this case my MP is a first time incumbent to parliament so I sent this in order to gauge his reactions to the below information.
Attn: Thomas Tugendhat MP
Tonbridge and Malling
Monday 14 December 2015

Dear Thomas Tugendhat,
The opposition have called a debate on the Cumbria floods tomorrow, 15th Dec. It is my understanding that the HoC Library has issued a briefing paper (file:///C:/Users/Philip/Downloads/CDP-2015-0128.pdf) where the lead author is named as one, Sara Priestly. She says in the paper that:
“...there is a general understanding that climate change is likely to be linked to increased winter rain in the UK.”
The briefing paper also suggests that further reading can be found from a paper published by Friends of the Earth which, as I understand it, is not even Peer-reviewed. This quotation is not only at odds with the SPM issued by the UNIPCC, but is also at odds with the information issued by Dr Richard Betts at the UK Met Office.
Furthermore, I have discovered that Sara Priestly once worked for Friends of the Earth so is hardly an unbiased author. I am immensely concerned that our MPs are being given biased advice on what some world leaders say is the greatest threat to mankind. If that is the case, it would help enormously if the information provided to our legislators was from un-biased sources.
I can only hope that, late as it is, you will be able to pass on some of this information to your colleagues in the debate.

Yours sincerely,

The Filthy Engineer

It'll be interesting to see what he comes back with.