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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Anna Raccoon. The mystery deepens.

Anna Raccoon, the blogger that did the most to free Nick Hogan from prison and Sheila Martin from a £2,500 pound for dropping cigarette ash, has disappeared from the Blogosphere. not only has her Blog gone but also her facebook page.

Alright maybe I’m being paranoid about this. But why would she expunge her online identity in this way.

Has she been threatened or has she hung up her blogging and decided to go for the quiet life?

UPDATE: From a source I’m informed that she has retired from blogging. Reasons unknown.

Has the Raccoon gone?

Anna Raccoon

Maintenance Mode

[AnnaRaccoon] is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance.
Please try back in 364 days, 2 hours, and 33 minutes
(on October 11, 2011 at 15:25).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I just love Cif

Stripsidebob on blogging

I think Marr is right to say blogs, or even comments sections on newspapers websites (like this one, very much like this one), are mostly filled with unpleasantness, vitriol, anger, abuse, and downright nastiness.

Listen up's how you can be radical. Try being nice to one another, consider the topic in hand, try and have a relevant point to make, and think before you press send on the latest bile you've just shat out.

Well Bob.

You can fuck right off. There that’s off my chest now.

Back to the Blog.

Weapon of man’s destruction

This article says it all about women and their unwitting weapon in the fight against the male sex.

Throughout Britain's streets a dangerous weapon is on the rise. Both the trafficking and the ownership of the weapon remain legal – and, protected by the law, its users show little or no remorse for the harm they inflict. I hereby call on the Government to take urgent action against this menace. As the weeks go by, it will only become more widespread.

And if you’re a man.

I'm aware, incidentally, that there exist some male pedestrians who carry xxxxxxxxs. These creatures are not men in any true sense and should be looked upon with suspicion.

Have a guess at what the womens’ weapon of choice is?