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Sunday 30 March 2014

Minimum pricing?

Alcohol concern and the powers that be would like us to have a minimum price for units of alcohol.

A unit is calculated as:

One imperial pint (568 ml) of beer at 4% ABV contains:

\frac{568\mbox{ ml} \times 4}{1000} {{=}} 2.3\mbox{ units}

Just to make it clear.

Now the healthists cretins in the anti-fun lobby are trying to instigate a price of 50p per unit. Of course this is egged on by the pub trade who insist that supermarket booze is undercutting their trade.

Well mister pub owner, who charged me EIGHT times the unit cost, at lunchtime today, how do you justify that?

Of course the smoking ban that you rolled over and let happen, really had no affect did it? After all your pub is full of non smokers now, isn’t it?

This smoker normally drinks at home because of the ban on smoking in public places. Apart from it being cheaper I find the pubs are now soulless eating establishments devoid of character. The real characters are the ones outside having a laugh and a fag.