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Monday, 19 September 2011

I’m going to get a letter.

Energy giants have been ordered to write to millions of customers to tell them how to cut their bills.

As the cost of gas and electricity soars, energy minister Greg Barker is demanding that utility chiefs send the letters, emails or texts before winter explaining how customers could move to a cheaper tariff.

He said: "Energy companies should be in no doubt as to our determination to see this through and get a better deal for millions of ripped off customers.

Well Greg me old mate, here’s how it is. I’m already on the lowest Tariff and it’s fucking huge. And here’s who caused it to be in part, so big. One of your cabinet colleagues no less. Huhne the Green Buffoon.

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has said that some families shop around more for a "£25 toaster" than they do for energy bills of more than £1,000. Experts say many households could cut their bills by about £200.

I think that quite a bit of my increase this year is due to the Government’s green obsession with wind turbines Bird Mincers and solar panels. You honestly don’t think that the energy companies are not going to pass on their green costs to the consumer, do you? If so you are a bigger fool than I thought you were. Remember those feed in Tariffs?

I seriously wonder about the sanity of our ministers. How can making our energy so expensive be good for our economy?. If I have to spend more on energy I’ve less money to spend  on goods and therefore deny businesses of my cash.

Oh and don’t even think of trying to coerce me into having a so called “Smart Meter”. I’m smart enough to read my own meters, thank you very much.



  1. And the power companies aren't happy with what they've already got:

    We're still trying to get this back - keep watching.


    dak (also an engineer)

  2. Plus we have the absurdity of mincers costing us ten times as much when turned off by order of the national grid. I can't decide if these contracts were designed by stupid or corrupt people, but the public is the loser.
    I would like a similar contract - to pay me £££s not to travel when the M25 is busy. Muppets.

  3. I wonder how much CO2 will be wasted making all that paper, and, delivering the letters to every household.

  4. They may tell you how to cut your consumption and therefore bills, when that doesn't work and it won't because most people, with regards to energy useage, are set in their ways, the solution will be the fitting of "smart" meters in every home. These meters will inform the company as to what appliances you are using at any given time and if they, with the backing of government legislation, deem it that you are using too much or leaving appliances on stand-by will switch you off.

  5. Sadly here in the US we're ahead of you guys in the curve as far as 'smart' meters go. Here in Texas they started a major push to get them installed in the last year or so. They installed mine a few months ago. Whoopee shit. "Oh but it'll make your energy bill smaller and us ohhh so much more efficient. Don't you understand? As an example of benefit, you don't have to call us when the power goes out...the meter informs us." Well la-de-fscking da. piss off and die.

    Alas..they didn't listen. I expect the full arrival and awakening of skynet inside a decade and the extermination of the bulk of the human race by the machines within about ohhh..6-12months after that.
    *warning sarcasm alert*
    Our alien masters are watching us at our grand play and laughing their asses off. That's only to be expected of course, their cold, capricious and about as much use as a tick on a dog's ass.

  6. A colleague has just been through the experience of having a smart meter installed at his church. He recently received the first bill since the meter was installed. Surprisingly the bill contained a reading taken remotely on the 25 of the month and an estimate of consumption for the remaining 6 days up to the date of the bill. When he enquired as to why it was an estimated reading he was told that they could only take remote readings on certain days and his day did not coincide with the bill date for that account. He then enquired what was the point of the meter if the bill was still an estimated bill? They replied that the estimate was accurate because they based the quarters usage on the previous years consumption i.e. they ignored the meter reading.
    We are both of the opinion that smart readers exist for one reason and that is to facilitate rolling power cuts which will become necessary in the next couple of years.

  7. paul

    "We are both of the opinion that smart readers exist for one reason and that is to facilitate rolling power cuts which will become necessary in the next couple of years."

    I think you're right about that.

  8. I think the smart meters are actually a means of bringing mobile phone style "tariff hell" billing to the utility business. After all - WTF is billing gas in kWh about FFS? I can imagine some really bizarre tariffs...

    With Google in on it - and their new celebrity endorsement is going to give more unscrupulous pushy marketeers some inspiration to make our lives even more saturated with junk marketing. I'm beginning to get real interested in a generator doing CHP... if only for a quiet life.

    I do wonder why the CHP units are so expensive - after all it's little more than a fridge / generator combo with a flattened grain of sand for a brain..

  9. Smart meters are actually about snooping on your power consumption and cutting you off when the elite need the electricity more urgently or when your usage is not politically acceptable.

    Nothing to do with reading the meter, that's purely a useful by-product.


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