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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Global warming glossary

A handy cut out guide to frequently used phrases.

“since records began”  -  since 1850 if using observed data, or about 1980 if using satellite data

“might, may, could, perhaps”  -  we can say anything is happening if we put enough modifiers in front of it

“experts say”  -  (a) we’re an NGO in need of funding or (b) I’m a scientist in need of funding

“science is settled”  -  stop asking questions, we know better than you skeptics/deniers/cranks/scary people

“consensus of scientists”  -  the wisdom of crowds is all we have left, so SHUT UP

“CO2 pollution”  -  your high school science teacher lied about CO2 being plant food

“increasing global population”  -  pesky developing nations are demanding cars and appliances. The horror.

“sustainable development”  -  subsidies now, or the planet gets it

“raising awareness”  -  hippies doing something daring or stupid for attention

“cooling caused by warming”  –   hey, you believed everything else we said, why stop now?

H/T to The Daily Bayonet


  1. If I hear "the science is settled" from a scientist I'm going to ask the bastard what the fuck he thinks he's doing still feeding off the taxpayer's back.

  2. Indeed AE. Why are we still paying them?

  3. You've left out what is arguably the single most important definition of all.

    "Peer Reviewed" - a phrase used by the AGW scientists to substitute as the gold standard for reliability in place of that useless old concept, the scientific method.

    Why worry about providing enough information for independent verification by other scientists when you can have a few of your friends vouch for your work.


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