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Saturday, 11 December 2010

And this is warming?

Hail in South Africa? In their summer? This event happened just a week ago on the 2nd of December. Funny that it wasn’t reported in the MSM.

I just wish this had happened in Cancun.


  1. They are more like fucking mortars than hailstones!

    How many people were killed?


  2. Record low temperatures in Cancun this week. Seven Fahrenheit lower than the seasonal norm. Not that the bozo delegates will pay any attention of course.

    Cnuts to a man / woman / androgyne.

  3. Summer is when they get the hailstorms in that part of SA.

  4. In the museum in Pretoria they've got skulls of sheep and cattle with holes through them caused by hail stones: got a steel car roof, too, also holed. That particular storm killed a great deal of livestock and injured a number of people. Date of storm long since forgotten.


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