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Friday, 12 November 2010

Way to go Sister!


More health and safety Bollocks. But at least someone has stood up to them.

A council which cut down washing lines, took away residents' doormats and removed children's bicycles for “health and safety” reasons has halted the operation after being confronted with a mass protest led by a nun.

Rules are Rules. But I wonder if the paragraph below highlights the real reason.

The Irish-born nun, who lives in the area, added: “To focus on this ridiculous thing about washing lines and doormats is quite stupid when there is anti-social yob behaviour they should be dealing with. If they don't want us hanging out our washing in view of Canary Wharf then they should buy us all tumble-dryers.”

And what on earth is “Tenancy Enforcement Work” supposed to mean?

The organisation, which acts as the housing arm of the local authority, said the aim was to “carry out tenancy enforcement work, including the removal of washing lines, bikes and other obstructions as a landlord to keep residents safe”.

I’m sure the residents appreciate all their hard work.


  1. Does this not count as stealing?

  2. "A Tenancy Enforcement Team has been set up to deal with serious cases of nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

    There are many levels of tenancy enforcement work ranging from minor breaches of tenancy to serious issues such as drugs, harassment, noise and violence.

    The Tenancy Enforcement Team will work closely with local Housing Offices, Specialist Solicitors and the Police to:

    * Provide advice and support to complaints and victims during and outside normal office hours if required.
    * Gathering evidence about incidents by witnessing incidents first hand and using specialist surveillance equipment.
    * Taking detailed statements from victims and witnesses and acting as professional witnesses in court.
    * Fast-tracking serious cases through court to secure injunctions/evictions to protect victims and witnesses.

    We need your support to make this initiative work successfully."

    ... The washing-line & Bicycle Stasi...

  3. Hell's teeth (no pun intended) ..

    The Nuns who taught me a Primary School never looked like that .. they were all dried-up old Dykes ..

  4. Let me guess, the nun is advertising milk. The milk that is used in Federici's icecream.


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