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Friday, 3 January 2014

Antarctic sea Ice has gone.

Oh no it hasn’t. It’s only just breaking on the BBC news of the fact that a Russian ship chartered by a group of Global warming enthusiasts, has been stuck in the ice off Antarctica.

This vid is the true story which the MSM won’t show you.

Don’t worry I’m sure it will all pan out safely.


  1. That video made 'Oi larf! - Oh, and by the way, the passengers and "scientists" are still down there, as the Australian ice breaker they have been transferred to is having to standby in open waters, in case the Chinese ice breaker with the rescue helicopter can't free itself from the ice!!!

    And I spotted the following earlier at The Register:

    Antarctic ice shelf melt 'lowest EVER recorded

  2. But if you read the comments posted by JoNova it is absolutely stupid and sounds like the |Keystone Kops.

    And the fellow in charge took aong his wife and 2 children - but this was a scientific expedition!

  3. Go have a laugh

  4. Bloody brilliant, nearly choked on me cheese sarnie..

  5. Microdave, I saw on the news today that the Chinese ice breaker has in fact become stuck. Ha ha ha.

  6. Like the floods down south, cut off villagers on their last food.


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