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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Banks. Don’t you love em.

If only they knew what they had sold and then could deal with a simple enquiry.

Three and a half years ago, myself and Mrs FE, decided we would help our eldest daughter and her soon to be husband, to mount the first rung of the property owning ladder.

One product that caught our eye was named a “helping hand mortgage”, where we as parents would lock away a sum equal to 20% of the value of the property as surety, in return for interest on the sum. This bond was to remain in force for three and a half years after which we would have the money returned to us.

However you try getting the money back when most of the cretins at the bank (Black prancing equine) don’t even seem to know that such a product ever existed.

In October last year Mrs FE phoned them up and after being given the usual “Press 1 if you want to pay us more money”, “Press 2 if you think that we care”, ………….”Press 666 if you think that you might have a chance of speaking to anyone at all”, she was informed that we would receive a letter in due course.

Quick as a flash of light from the reflection off the blade of a wind turbine, nothing, Nada, zilch.

Mrs FE phoned them again on Tuesday only to find that the staff knew even less about this product than in October. She spoke to five different members of staff, before she actually managed to find someone that knew something about the deal. Even then he had to phone three other people before coming back with a definitive answer.

We are told to expect a letter before the weekend.

OMG. I’ve just seen a whole squadron of flying pigs doing aerobatics.


  1. is well worth following.

    oceans rule the climate, powered by the sun …
    Posted on January 7, 2014 by Tom Harley,-13.76,2223

    This very useful wind map explains why the oceans run the climate, their influence as shown here is really quite extraordinary. Do warmists still say that a few parts per million of CO2 can affect what’s happening here? Northern Australia has not warmed for 31 years, either.

    Oceans cover 70% of the world’s surface, so a temperature change at the Cocos Islands would be a good gauge of the climate’s state. Cocos Island, no, not changed here over decades.

    Despite this BoM and ‘their’ ABC are pushing for 50C in the Pilbara this week. I’d rather be 50C than 0C or -50C. Feeling sorry for the Northern Hemisphere cold, and the Chinese and Russian sailors left behind in the Antarctic.

  2. Here's someone else who is on the money

    Industrial Wind turbines (IWT's) have a generic, long standing and apparently intractible problem with gearbox reliability.

    Many gearboxes need a rebuild within 5 -7 years instead of lasting 25 years as designed. Many suffer catastrophic failure within the 5-7 period or even earlier. Depending on the age of the turbine, a gear box failure may effectively write it off. Even when repaired, these gearbox failures are highly expensive and often take out the turbine for months.

    There you go cheered up a bit now?

  3. "I’ve just seen a whole squadron of flying pigs doing aerobatics"

    Slow wing over in formation?

    My favourite.

  4. Your experience with the 'Black prancing equine' doesn't surprise me. Like most banks and FIs these days they have got rid of most of their permanent staff and have taken on workers on short contracts from agencies. How do I know this? I was one of those agency workers. Training is perfunctory to say the least and you are expected to deal with complex enquiries after only a couple of weeks. They also mislead you by giving the impression that someone is there to mentor new staff members but that never happens. They expect you to acquire the required expertise within weeks rather than the years it would take under normal circumstances. All this and you are expected to reach targets and achieve high levels of accuracy (in other words they indulge in low-level bullying) I stuck it for two years and then walked. Most people would be appalled if they realised how our banks' customer service departments operate.


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